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Social Media & Social Networking Top tips for Nurses and Midwives

Posted almost 2 years ago


Social Media & Social Networking
Top tips for Nurses and Midwives
Social media websites and social networking practice are popular with all age groups. These guidelines have been developed for you to use at work and at home, so that you can keep your use of social media professional at all times.

  • Understand the basic concepts before you go online

  • Respect boundaries: keep your personal life personal and professional life separate online.

  • Respect patient/client privacy and confidentiality

  • Use Social Media Websites and Social Networking for your Professional Development

  • Pause before you post

  • Imagine your post ‘going viral’

  • Use “netiquette’ when you are online

  • Regularly check your settings and accounts online.

  • Remove any links between you and inappropriate content online.

  • Report any inappropriate content

The bottom line for nurses and midwives regarding online social networking is, if you have a social media presence online, keep it separate from your professional identity, keep it positive and, most importantly, keep it person-free.

Read the full article from the Health Times here.

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