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Nurse of the Month - June 2020

Posted 12 months ago


​For the month of June we are proud to celebrate Heather Taylor as Carestaff's nurse of the month. Congratulations! Read a quick Q&A about Heather's experience with working with us here at Carestaff Nursing Services.

What do you enjoy the most about working with Carestaff?

The professional assistance I get from Carestaff. Every transaction I have with the office staff, from the allocating team, to Michelle the Clinical nurse is always clean and professional.

Tell me about a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with Carestaff?

There is not one that stands out in particular, but overall it would have to be working with our older people, looking them in the eye and connecting with them.I love working with all the residents and older people that I come across on a daily basis.

What makes you passionate about nursing?

It’s what I know.From a young age I have been taught to be carer, my grandmother was a nurse, my mother and my sister as well, so historically it has been ingrained in me and comes naturally.

If you had to sum Carestaff up in one work how would you describe us?

Professional and always caring.

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