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Nurse of the Month - July 2020

Posted 12 months ago

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​​For the month of July we are proud to celebrate Fiona Haddy as Carestaff's Nurse of the Month. Congratulations! Read a quick Q&A about Fiona's experience with working with us here at Carestaff Nursing Services.

What do you enjoy the most about working with Carestaff?

Carestaff is a great organisation, a company that always has our backs. I have never worked in a place where I get that sense as much as I get it with Carestaff. I like the flexibility, going to different places and also going back to the same places as you get to know people, the residents. I enjoy being part of a team, supporting my peers, with a positive can-do attitude.

Tell me about a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with Carestaff?

I am currently working within a disability facility which I am finding really rewarding. I am able to provide a positive input in the care of the residents and make a difference. I have one particular resident that has been allocated to me who is going through a lot of changes, being able to consistently work with him makes me feel like I am having a positive impact on his care.

What makes you passionate about nursing?

Caring for people, taking good care of people that are vulnerable and who need that advocate for their personal care and needs, someone that can go in and bat for them. Even if it’s just for one day, you are there for them, on their behalf, helping with their care.

If you had to sum Carestaff up in one word how would you describe us?

There are so many words I could choose, but if it must be one Supportive really springs to mind

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