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Nurse of the Month - January 2021

Posted 6 months ago

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We want to celebrate our best! How better to achieve this than nominating a Carestaff Nurse of the Month. Voted monthly by our Allocations team and Client Facilities, nominations of recognition for those nurses have the following traits:

  • Personable, upbeat and cheerful

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Great Communication; including answering calls and having up to date availability

  • Respected on shift by clients and peers

  • Compassionate, caring and positive.

This month we are proud to celebrate Kathleen C as the nurse of the month.

What do you enjoy the most about working with Carestaff?

The WHOLE team and of course the amazing support that I received.

Tell us about a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with Carestaff?

I am currently working with an in-home community patient and it is incredibly rewarding. I have the opportunity to watch him progress daily, experience positive changes and have an impact on his life. He really brightens my day.

What makes you passionate about nursing?

Nursing to me is about making positive changes in the life of others. It is about turning up and being there for them no matter what. It is making a difference in the life of a patient whether it be big or small - a simple kind word can have an enormous impact on a patient. Nursing is really everything to me. I just absolutely love, live and breathe it.

If you had to sum Carestaff up in one word how would you describe us?

The BEST!!!!

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