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What Makes An Exceptional Agency Nurse in 2021

Posted 6 months ago

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Carestaff Registered Nurses & Midwives, Enrolled Nurses and Assistant in Nurses are wonderfully unique in the way they successfully adapt, moving from one health organisation to the next assisting those who need it most, often at a moments notice. They can be found in hospitals, healthcare clinics and also in people’s homes, offering support, guidance and advice 24 hours a day. They are real-life heroes. But what are the personality traits that make up these exceptional nurses? What are the aspects to their character and temperament that make them stand out among not only other agency nurses but also those who work permanent hours? Read on to explore the traits held by Carestaff agency nurses, including enrolled, assistant and registered, to better understand just how special these nurses are.



If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that every one of us have issues and challenges that we are facing on a day-to-day basis. We are all battling something whether it be obvious and stands out, or hidden from others- and Carestaff nurses get it. They can be seen showing genuine kindness to those who cross their paths and / or form part of their shift allocation. The effect this has on their patients and their families is profound and is why constant feedback and kindness is received on this front.



Working through a pandemic in 2020, particularly as a Carestaff agency nurse, has pushed many outside their comfort zones. We are being allocated to jobs we’ve never done before, which can be both stressful and exciting all at the same time. Being adaptable and receptive to these constant changes, particularly in this current landscape, are qualities all Carestaff nurses showcase. This trait of adaptability makes it very easy to work with any of their staff.



Having insight into what and how much one’s body and mind can tolerate, are the qualities Carestaff agency nurses possess. One of the big reasons for this and what makes Carestaff nurses extra special is they are supported firmly by the agency. The allocations team and Client Relations Manager strive to not only provide the best suited care but they also have the staff’s best interest at the forefront of their decision-making process.


Carestaff agency nurses can be trusted to complete the big and also little tasks well without question or hesitation. They are diligent in how they consistently and safely deliver nursing care despite the pressure of a pandemic and the normal everyday stressors - and they won’t make a fuss about it. Carestaff nurses won’t draw attention to the tasks they have completed and will just get in there and do it.



Carestaff Nursing Services recognises the importance of continuous professional development and constant growth in the enrolled or registered nurse. They do this by offering targeted training during the onboarding process and continue to promote education through their affiliation with Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA). In the current climate of COVID, this is excellent news for Carestaff nurses because those who possess skills in critical care areas like ICU, Emergency, cardiac care and theatre are likely to be busy filling shift vacancies. If you’re a current Carestaff nurse and are considering further study, remember the great positives around agency nursing including the flexibility to choose the shifts you want based around your studies and other life commitments.


In summary, we think the personality traits of Carestaff nurses make them exceptional! These are the qualities current and future employers crave, whilst families and patients cannot get enough of.


Emma Smith

Registered Nurse

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