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Casual vs Agency Workforce. Why Filling Shifts With Agency Nurses Is the Smart Choice

Posted 5 months ago

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Trying to consistently staff every facility/unit in which you are responsible can be difficult. Last-minute sick calls, oncoming staff having limited local knowledge can make it challenging for (ANUMs) or Nurse Unit Managers (NUMs). But there is a way to decrease the stress and that is to rely on the agency workforce from Carestaff. Their nurses are reliable, passionate, and adaptable, while the agency is ready to deal with the administration and questions associated with managing any workforce.


Why you should work with Carestaff Nursing Agency

On the surface, it may seem easier to contact the casual workforce over an agency. Their registered nurses, enrolled nurses, and assistant nurses, in theory, have more local knowledge as they have likely undertaken orientation days, completed mandatory safety competencies, and worked a few shifts. And they, again in the ideal world, should then understand the dress code, what is expected of them, where things are, and who’s who.

Though it’s true that relying on an agency like Carestaff to fill your vacancies can also come with its own challenges, they significantly outweigh those of the casual workforce - and here’s why. Employing an agency staff member means you don’t need to:

  • Discuss leave entitlements

  • Sort out professional or behavioural issues

  • Have conversations regarding pay.

All these challenging conversations commonly had with casual nurses, can be handballed to Carestaff Nursing Agency who are ready and open to dealing with such problems.


Nursing Agency Staff Want To Work With You

One of the big differences between the casual and agency workforces is rostering. In most cases, casual nurses are given a roster 4-6 weeks in advance. This means they are guaranteed work and know where they need to be and when. Whereas for agency staff it’s a little more ad hoc. Though scheduling shifts in advance is something you may have done in the past with agency staff, often it’s a last-minute phone call a few hours before the shift is due to start.

What does this mean you ask? Well, agency nurses have chosen to say yes to a shift at your facility and are very adaptable. They are in the headspace to work as reflected in their availability and they are excited about the financial rewards of this type of work. Though the casual workforce also knew about their upcoming roster and may be excited about the shift, is there a chance they are burnout due to the repetitive nature or working in one facility?


In summary, if you’re having trouble filling your next vacancy, consider filling it with a Carestaff Nurse. Their assistant, registered, and enrolled nurses are firmly supported by an active, hands- on agency that has been forever growing and expanding in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers region since 1999. They are the contracted preferred provider for the majority of public and private hospitals on the Gold Coast, in addition to providing nurses to all major aged care facilities in the region. Their staff want to work with you! They want to find the best-matched nurses & midwives for the job you need attending too, so give them a call next time you find yourself short.


Emma Smith

Registered Nurse


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