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3 Simple Ways to Get More Work As An Agency Nurse

Posted 4 months ago

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Securing regular work as an agency nurse is very easy once you have signed up with a nursing agency. It is about communicating the shifts you prefer to the agency and being open to working a range of shifts can help you secure more shifts if that is what you are after. Below are three simple tips that can help you get more work as an agency nurse.


​1. Update Your Availability Regularly

Are you suddenly free tomorrow and are considering picking up a shift? Update your availability as soon as you can. The allocations team will prioritise staff who have requested to work over those who didn't. Carestaff Nursing Services makes it super easy to do this via their MyShifts App which is available for download here. If you’re having issues navigating the app, don’t hesitate to call the allocations team and update your availability with them directly.

Keeping in contact with the Carestaff team on a regular basis gives them the opportunity to not only gain a better understanding of who you are but also the shifts you’d ideally like to work. They love hearing from you and getting to know you better, so keep in contact via phone or email. No question, comment, or conversation is silly!

Keeping your requests up-to-date also gives you a greater chance of securing multiple shifts in a row. Some facilities commonly offer these “block shifts” which can be very lucrative and significantly assist in relationship development.

2. Variety of shifts and travel

Providing to a range of clients, we have shifts available in all major hospitals, aged care facilities and community organisations. Working with a variety of workplaces can help you grow your skills and give you more shift options. If you can travel a little further then it might be worth it if you are getting many shifts from a particular facility or it's something you enjoy. We have many hospitals and facilities we work with so we can offer you something closer to home. It's best if you let us know where you can travel to so we can update it on our system and offer you the shifts you prefer.

 3. Grow Your Nursing Skills

Growing your nursing skill set can have a significant impact on your experience as an agency nurse with Carestaff Nursing Services - for the better! Firstly, the allocations team can start offering you shifts which demand your newly learned skills. Secondly, agency nursing will become much more exciting! Your ability to work in more diverse areas is multiplied allowing you to meet new people, experience different environments, and find out where your true nursing passion lies.

If you’re reading this thinking, “but how can I easily grow my skills?” Carestaff Nursing Services has the answer. They have partnered with the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA) to offer their Nurses and Midwives essential, interactive courses. Courses range from basic and advanced life support to assisting new nurses and midwives starting out to help them transition smoothly into the workforce. Take a look at their range of courses here.

If you do happen to take one of these AHA courses or something similar, Carestaff Nursing Services want to hear about it as it may alter your allocation. Give them a call and tell them about all your hard work so you can be rewarded with the shifts which require these new skills.

In summary, securing more agency shifts is as simple as updating your availability using the MyShift App (or calling the allocations team), putting your hand up to work all shifts, and taking the time to grow your nursing skills.

Carestaff Nursing Service is an exciting agency to work for as they offer shifts in all major hospitals, aged care facilities, and community organisations from South Brisbane to Lismore. Taking the time to develop relationships with Carestaff Nursing Services can be extremely beneficial for you both professionally and professionally.

Best of luck and happy nursing!

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse


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