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Why it’s Great to Work As An Enrolled Nurse with Carestaff

Posted 4 months ago

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If you’re an Enrolled Nurse and seeking a fresh and exciting new opportunity, then look no further than Carestaff Nursing Services. They offer flexible work arrangements where you can strengthen your existing skills and build strong relationships with clients on a schedule that suits you. I know, it sounds like the dream job, right? Keep reading to see why Carestaff is the perfect next step in your working career.

Work-Life Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of being part of the Carestaff Nursing Services team is the freedom. You get to choose which shifts you want to work whilst passing on the shifts you don’t.

Most nurses with permanent hours are constantly juggling their social life, relationships, and other commitments, often missing events due to work. You, however, don’t have to miss out. With the Carestaff App, you can request to work the shifts you want around what’s important outside the workplace. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices so you can update your availability even if something was to pop up last minute.

Carestaff wants to help you secure the shifts which work best for you and your family. If the app is tricky for you to navigate, the allocations team is available via the phone 7 days a week from 5 am to 11 pm. Don’t hesitate to give them a call and work together to find the perfect shift for you.

Increased Skill Development

Over the last 20 years, Carestaff Nursing Services have developed relationships with major public and private hospitals on the Gold Coast, as well as highly regarded aged care and community organisations in the region.

These strong relationships mean that the variety of work available to you is diverse and continues to evolve. It also means you are given the resources and the environment to develop and grow your skills. This advancement in your skillset can assist in securing more shifts which demand these extra, more advanced skills and techniques.

Exciting Work Opportunities

You may be working in an aged care facility one day, supporting and caring for multiple residents, whilst the following day be at a clients home providing 1:1 specialised care. This variation in work opportunities is what makes Carestaff Nursing Services a reputable, professional, and enticing place to work.

When working permanent hours for one facility you are limited in what you can learn and experience as you are simply exposed to less. This kind of casual work however broadens the situations and environments you are involved with which is key in growing and developing your skills and going outside your comfort zone.

As you’re probably aware, enrolled nurses in Australia need to complete 20 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) annually as set by the Nursing and Midwifery Board. Carestaff knows this can be stressful for some and that is why they have partnered with the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA). They offer their Nurses and Midwives essential courses to make the CPD target easy to obtain. In particular, AHA offers a WorkReady Support Program for Registered and Enrolled Nurses which may be very relevant to you. Take a look here.

Carestaff Nursing Services Is Always Open

As an enrolled nurse, it’s likely you may develop solid relationships with clients who could offer you a full- time role - and Carestaff respect and congratulate you when this occurs! But simply knowing you have the support from Carestaff between and after these private contracts is something not to be forgotten.

The Carestaff door is always for if/when you choose to pick up a shift. They want to see you thrive as an enrolled nurse and if this means combining casual and permanent work together they will embrace this situation to find the perfect balance. Let the allocations team know about your current working arrangement and they will do what they can to fit in with what you already have in place.

In summary, enrolled nurses looking for greater work/life balance should be in touch with Carestaff Nursing Services today! They strive to provide shifts that work for you and your family and provide an environment that further develops your nursing skills. There is never a dull shift with Carestaff!

Happy nursing!

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse


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