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6 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Opportunities for Queensland Nurses in 2021

Posted 3 months ago

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It’s that time of year again when nurses (Registered or Enrolled) and Midwives are due to pay their AHPRA registration and ensure they have totaled up enough CPD hours to retain registration. But what happens if you are yet to achieve enough professional development hours? This post will explore the exciting learning opportunities available specifically to Queensland nurses in 2021 to prevent a last-minute hours scramble in the future.


  1. Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union (QNMU)

Are you part of the 62,000 strong QNMU community? This state-registered union is a branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council that seeks to promote and defend the industrial, professional, social, political, and democratic interests of its members.

Registered Nurses / Midwives who work over 24 hours a week will pay $710.40 and those working a little less will pay around $534.00. For a full price breakdown, click here. Though it may seem pricey, the benefits and incredible CPD opportunities available to you, both in person and virtually are well worth the price tag. To sign up for any upcoming CPD events you must login to the member portal here first.


  1. ECT4Health


Are you interested in learning the science behind your nursing practice through evidence-based education? Well, ECT4Health is well worth a Google.

Rob, the brains behind this dedicated company, has been working as a lecturer and nurse educator for public and private providers since 2000. He started ECT4Health in 2014 after resigning from his full-time position at Qld Health due to overwhelming demand from his students and clients. Since this time ECT4Health has delivered over 260 seminars and workshops, whilst organising over 7 CPD cruising holidays with groups of Nurses and Paramedics - now that’s what I’m talking about!

 Each CPD course can be purchased separately and does not require a membership. They offer seminars and workshops, online learning opportunities and also tax deductible holidays where you can learn while lazing by the pool!


  1. Ausmed

You’ve probably heard of Ausmed before as it’s a popular app health professionals use to track their CPD hours, but did you know they also offer a magnitude of online courses and face-to-face workshops and conferences?

Specifically, Ausmed has a number of exciting courses and CPD opportunities happening in Queensland this year. Click this link to explore and get yourself signed up. One in particular I wanted to mention is the Brisbane Nurses Conference happening on May 27-28, 2021. For more information, click here.


  1. Queensland Government

Though looking to the government for CPD opportunities may not be your first thought, they appear dedicated to the growth and development of nurses and Midwives in Queensland. They have partnered with the Cunningham Center to offer a range of educational and training activities designed for both Queensland Health and external clients. They offer courses in immunisation, allied health professional enhancement, clinical assessor workshops, and telehealth plus many more. For their full range of courses click here.


Other continued professional development platforms;


●      Health Workforce Queensland.

○      Specially targeted to remote and rural general practitioners and nurses. Click here to read about their professional development workshops.


●      Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA)

○      A Registered Training Organisation that delivers accredited and non-accredited training and assessment throughout Australia. Located in Sydney, they offer a range of thoughtfully constructed online courses if travel is challenging. See their courses here.

●      Australian College of Nursing

○      They offer a huge range of nursing educational opportunities which you can view here, including their popular vaccinations course.

●      NPS Medicinewise

○      An independent, evidence-based, not-for-profit organisation aimed at supporting quality use of medicines to improve health decisions and health and economic outcomes in Australia. They offer a vast range of informative CPD opportunities including medication safety training, type two diabetes, asthma, and immunisations. See the full list here.


In summary, Carestaff Nursing Services wants to help you avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed come registration renewal time. They want to see you enjoy educational opportunities throughout the year rather than being forced to take a course you are not really interested in but have signed up for due to convenience and time pressure. Take a look at the above courses/ groups and sign up for a couple that spark interest - remember they are tax-deductible (just like your AHPRA registration due May 31st), as they are directly related to your field of work!


Best of luck.

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse

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