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Nurse of the Month - May 2021

Posted 15 days ago


​Congratulations to Enrolled Nurse Trish B, who has been nominated as Carestaff's Nurse of the Month for May 2021! So great to have nurses like you in our community.

What do you enjoy the most about working with Carestaff?

I like the variety. I must say, I really like the girls at the end of the phone. I am always met with a kind, caring person who is validating. It is a really lovely team.

Tell us about a rewarding experience you’ve had whilst working with Carestaff?

Most recently, one of the clients I work with had an injury that the doctors would not take seriously. I made sure they got the care they needed and it was a very rewarding feeling.

What makes you passionate about nursing?

I’ve been passionate about nursing for 50 years. I genuinely love it. I’ve never not wanted to get up and go to work.

If you had to sum Carestaff up in one word how would you describe us?

Supportive and caring. They go the extra mile.

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