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Samantha Fogarty


Why do you like working for Carestaff? Wonderful office team and amazing nurses

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Spending time with family and shopping

Favourite quote? “I can’t believe how smart I am”

Have you ever met anyone famous? Vesna from an early season of Big Brother

Who’s someone you really admire? Keanu Reeves

What’s your favourite spot on the Gold Coast? Burleigh

What’s your favourite family tradition? 1st to call on your birthday wins

What is your favourite destination visited? New York

Do you have a favourite charity you wish more people knew about? www.actforkids.com.au

Who inspires you? Stephen Hawking

How would you friends describe you? Really funny and pretty

What’s your idea of the perfect day? Spending time with my family and friends while shopping 😊

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